When selecting their color pick each year, Pantone explains how they scour the earth searching for color trends — they are not exactly the trend maker. But Austin designer Sharon Radovich of Panache Interiors has been choosing shades of “Greenery” for years. “I often suggest green to enliven a space, especially when a room lacks a green view outside. It’s not right for every project, but most spaces can use a bit of green to invigorate it,” says Radovich, adding, “We need that connection to nature to renew and sustain us. In our hyperactive, fast-paced world, nature is essential for its restorative/relaxation effect.”

So if you decide to commit to a bright green wall or accessory, how long will this be on trend? Radovich says that historically, color had a seven year life span, moving in slowly and peaking around five years. She jokes that when you can find it in Rubbermaid products, it’s done. “Now it’s hard to say how long a color trend will live. Neutrals have a longer trend life than brights. We started using gray during the ‘espresso’ trend and it is still hot (it is browning up, though). Because “Greenery” is rejuvenating, I think it will have a good run. In contrast, Pantone’s pastel duo from 2016, Serenity and Rose Quartz, faded away. The issue with trends is the market gets saturated with the same look and it becomes un-notable even if the room itself is beautiful,” Radovich explains.

As for her final piece of ‘Greenery” design advice, “Never follow a trend to be on trend. Be authentic to your own style. If you love green, use it as it won’t matter to you if it’s on trend.”


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