From a touch of nature to textured finishes, here’s a trend report on the kitchen and bath design elements you’ll see a lot more of in 2017.

All-white kitchens and baths will always be classic, but that’s not the full story for 2017 design trends. To find out what design trends are on the horizon, we caught up with MaryJo Camp of DesignCamp, who recently spoke about kitchen and bath trends for Design Construction Week 2017. This year, expect to see mix-and-match design made into a pleasing, eclectic aesthetic.

Watch for mixed cabinet finishes, where natural wood grain or white pairs with bright colors or opaque neutrals. Designers will bring the outdoors in through living walls and live-edge wood countertops. Warm metals like rose gold and bronze are also on trend, and large-format design (from bold floral wallpaper to oversized tiles) will help make a statement in kitchens and baths.