When I leave a client meeting for the first time, I always have one initial vision in my head that drives the whole design. It could be a specific fabric, wallpaper or piece of art that has really stuck with me. When I was younger, I would constantly rearrange my room using this same method. It was always exciting to see how I could achieve different looks in the same space with just a few of the right changes. The possibility of seeing a room transform into something entirely new has always inspired me.  One trend I use throughout many of my current designs is navy as a neutral, or really any blue for that matter. Navy is a classic color choice that can flow with just about any decor style. Navy works with almost every color combination, warm and cool tones included, and I love the combination of navy with brass! Throughout my years as a designer at Lucy & Co., I have discovered that a ton of different colors are not needed to create an interesting, unique design. The key is to layer patterns and textures for a more luxe and inviting room