“I’m inspired by many things: travel, architecture, fine art, nature, and the past. I transport myself there through design and architecture books in search for unique elements that stand the test of time. I’m also constantly looking for opportunities to reinvent a historic element through modern  interpretation.”





Tips of the trade

• Look beyond your go-to resources and hunt for something unique, something old, that adds character and soul to your space. The unexpected is beautiful and thought-provoking.

• Strong bones make beautiful designs. Think of design as a pyramid – architecture is always the foundation; furnishings only serve as a bandage if the bones of a space are weak or limited.

• Anticipate and accommodate fresh greenery and flowers as part of any room’s overall color palette. A bold pop of green addsmore visual interest than you would imagine. The most successful designers are the ones who practice restraint.


                                                            Chateau 150 Range / www.lacornueusa.com



       Lillian August for Currey & Company Clifford Lampwww.curreycodealers.com


                                                             Whitney Stoddard Art / www.whitneystoddardart.com



             Global Views Classic Center Table in Olive Ash Burl / www.globalviews.com




                                                                  Hermes Avalon Blanket / www.hermes.com 



                                        Ralph Lauren Anette Floor Lamp / www.circalighting.com




                                          Buly 1803 Sumi Hinoki Scented Candle / www.buly1803.com




                    Highland House Romain Chair / www.highlandhousefurniture.com