Whether you’ve worked with Mary Tobias Miller on interior design or you’ve strolled through her store, Abode Home Design in Dilworth, everyone can agree her talent for design is indisputable and her style remarkable. Inspired by travel and a self-proclaimed visual learner, Miller picks up creativity wherever she goes.

“Creating an exciting interior design scheme can be challenging, so you have to keep several things in mind forit to be successful. The inspiration can come from anywhere: a colorful carpet, a painting, or beautiful fabrics. The goal is to add interest and energy with pattern, color, and texture,” Miller says. 

“Scale is key when it comes to mixing patterns. Patterns of the same scale and size tend to fight each other, whereas, for example, a large floral pattern paired with a smaller patterned geometric or stripe look as if they belong together. The color schemes should usually relate in some way, but the current trend mix might add the punch of a random color. Add trims, tapes, and fringes for even more detail,” she says.

“Texture is another way to make design schemes interesting. The proper mix of textures creates a visual balance. Consider using velvet, linen, and silk together. It’s pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Add a cashmere orfur throw, and you’ve enhanced all of the above.”