It’s all about livable beauty for interior designer Hannah Ozburn, who recently moved to Charlotte. Employing an unexpected mix of texture, pattern, and color, her interiors are never too serious, yet always sophisticated.

“A home should be a reflection of those that inhabit it, which is where I tend to draw my inspiration and creativity. I strive to create beautifully livable interiors. I have two small children and many of my clients are young families, so functionality is at the forefront of every design-related decision,” Ozburn says. “I’m inspired by everyday life – by vibrant art or a beautiful textile, my friends and family, nature, travel, and all my surroundings. My children’s artwork displayed on the walls, my grandparents’ china I use to entertain, the scuff marks on our hardwood floors — these things, to me, create a happy home,” she explains. “I want my clients to feel their home is an extension of their best and truest self — very livable without compromising style.”


Bunny Williams Home Marbleized Lamp /



Catherine Booker Jones No AC, 2018 /




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Clarence House Tigre Velours Soire /



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