Quartz has become popular among homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens or building new homes because of its modern look, wide variety of colors, scratch and chemical resistance, hardness and durability, and its generally impervious nature to food stains. But I cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying a quality quartz product. How do you know what is of high quality when you have never purchased quartz countertops before? Consider me and my team at CRS Marble & Granite your window into the world of quartz manufacturing and quality measurement.

To research and gather knowledge about the quartz manufacturing process, I traveled to most of the production facilities in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines to determine which factories are producing the best examples of quartz. Only those facilities that use the patented Bretonstone Technology developed in northeastern Italy made the cut. Engineered quartz needs the exact proportion of crushed quartz crystals, resin, and pigment to make it into the very best slab possible, which is a tenet of the Bretonstone Technology process. In the U.S., we also partnered with an Atlanta-based manufacturer to produce our custom line of quartz called LG Viatera, of which CRS is an exclusive distributor. Rest assured, any quartz product you find being sold by CRS is going to be from this handpicked pool of quality quartz producers.

We refuse to sell anything of inferior quality just because it is less expensive. The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

What will happen to your beautiful quartz countertop if it doesn’t meet the highest quality manufacturing standards as outlined above?

It will:

• fade and discolor
• warp over time
• crack
• appear inconsistent in thickness
• experience color fading in spots

We feel so strongly about the importance of the quartz manufacturing process that we offer a warranty that guarantees protection against every one of these issues. To make sure our products are viable, we continue to test each one of them in our Testing Station, where we purposely subject slabs to red wine, mustard, and other food stains in varying intervals of time. We invite customers to see the surface reactions because results don’t lie.

Contact Sunny Surana at CRS MARBLE & GRANITE’S Raleigh showroom at 7521 Exhibit Court, or visit CRSGRANITE.COM.