I have a strong opinion about interior design. It’s not a one-size-fits all solution for putting the finishing touches on our clients’ custom homes. Interior design is as individual as each person for whom Rufty Homes completes a project. I believe it’s important to work with a wide variety of interior designers so we can perfectly match the synergies between the homeowner and the designer.

Because we are so open to design, some of the interior designers who work with our clients come to Rufty Homes when they are ready to create their own family homes. They understand that we can help them develop and expand their custom vision for a home while managing all of the construction details.

Three interior designers who have collaborated with Rufty Homes on client projects have turned the tables and hired Rufty to help them customize remodeled homes of their own.

The Abbott family purchased a colonial-style house in Raleigh, settling down into the home of their dreams after many years of moving with the U.S. Air Force. Although Bart and Carolyn  Abbott had plenty of experience remodeling homes, they felt that Rufty Homes would be the best builder to oversee the large project of completely renovating their home, which included opening up the main spaces downstairs, gutting the master suite upstairs, reworking all the bedrooms and bathrooms to make guest suites, and replacing finishes throughout the house to modernize and simplify the home’s original traditional lines.

Similarly, the Austin family brought in Rufty Homes to manage the renovation of their home. The dark, traditional design with many small rooms was transformed into a light, bright space with an open floor plan and a West Coast cool vibe. With Rufty’s team  removing interior columns and walls to open up the dated floor plan, designer Misty Austin was freed up to focus on design details that injected a dose of modern style into the 1970s-era home. Misty told us that even in the midst of unplanned but necessary changes such as new wiring, plumbing, and HVAC, she never felt blindsided because we were able to help her family make  budget adjustments in other areas to accommodate the issues.

And then there’s designer Jill Wilson, who bought a dream home on a golf course but was disappointed with some of its structural features, such as a large stone fireplace in the middle of the house running up all three floors that made the house closed-in and dark.

We removed the fireplace while ensuring the structural integrity of the house, helping Jill to achieve her wish of a light-filled house  with great views from every room.

I am so pleased that such well-respected designers feel that Rufty Homes is the right custom builder to help them maximize the potential of each one of their very different forever homes.

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