Growing up in Nepal, Rosy Alexander’s life was simple and minimal. “I spent the majority of my childhood with my grandma, who cooked meals on an earthen stove, made mats by weaving straw, and had floors made with red clay,” recalls the interior designer, cook, and photographer. Born and raised near the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Alexander spent her teenage years in Toronto before moving south to Raleigh where she began to document her creative work through her photographs.

Alexander gained her footing on Instagram, a platform she credits as being a major factor in her growth as a creative. “I started my account to share glimpses of my life, and it quickly turned into a place where I teach others how to make a beautiful home and cook wholesome meals,” she explains. Sharing her moody and earthy photographs of food and home-styling eventually led her down a path to interior design.

Inspired by natural textures and earthy colors, she always makes a point to notice the trees and foliage wile driving. Often “borrowing” from nature, a freshly gathered bouquet of seasonal wildflowers is always sitting on her countertops. The influence of the South has found its way into her work as well. “I love the South, I hope to grow old here,” Alexander says. “I value creating moments that allow people to connect, and that’s a value I share with Southern culture.”



“Our senses can be easily overwhelmed, and one remedy is to add natural textures to your home to keep it soft and soothing.”


“Bring plants indoors once the weather starts to cool. It’s a great way to brighten up your home when it feels gloomy.”



“Year-round nature has an incredible way of welcoming us into the next season. I advise everyone to keep a pair of shears in their glove box so that they can snip some beautiful foliage to take home. It's free and so easy!”



“Every home needs a few tapered candles and antique candlesticks. Nothing says 'slow down' like a few dimly lit candles in the evening. I love rituals that create a sense of peace. Lit candles in preparation for dinner with friends is one of my favorite rituals. It instantly adds a warm and inviting mood to a room.”



“Though I’m not a big fan of the cooler months, I do love cooking up warm and hearty meals. A cup of fragrant chai tea is simmering on my stove every morning. A bowl of spiced oatmeal with dates and cinnamon for breakfast, and rich red-wine braised stews for dinner are some of my favorite fall recipes!”