With a focus on contemporary abstract art forms, artist Frankie Zombie—whose work has been sought after by celebrities and networks—has tapped into the heart of interior design, thought-provoking murals, automotive and musical design, fashion apparel, philanthropy, civil rights, and beyond. His “diary style” art form, a text-heavy form of expression, touches on topics like spirituality, racism, politics, and mental, physical, and emotional health. In 2020, Zombie participated in a civil rights movement by creatives when he helped design Charlotte’s Black Lives Matter mural and later organized a sixteen-artist mural in his hometown in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As Frankie’s art continues to travel to new heights from America to Ibiza, his message continues to resonate happiness, persistence, and change that starts from within. frankiezombie.com

Artist and designer Daria Zinovatnaya was born in Crimea and has cultivated her passion since early childhood. She attended art school and the Academy of Architecture, then embarked on a journey to make her mark in the world of design. With a combination of bold color and unique geometry, her furniture pieces, accessories, and interiors are celebrated for their postmodern style. As she states, “Color is the main thing that can change the mood and character of the object,” and her Roche pouf for Artemest is a perfect example of her mantra and her trademark. Small in size but big on function, the pouf combines unusual geometric shapes made of strong beech wood with a comfy solid cushion. It is offered in bold colorways, including white, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, gray, pale blue, blue, green, brown, and black. artemest.com

Leading furniture designer and manufacturer Roche Bobois has once again partnered with a visionary artist to bring quixotic art to the masses. This time, they have collaborated with artist Joana Vasconcelos from Portugal. While on a visit to the Roche Bobois showroom in 2019 in search of a lamp, Vasconcelos discovered the Mah Jong sofa, designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971—the same year she was born. She took it as a sign that she must collaborate with Roche Bobois. Within months, the brand entrusted Vasconcelos with six of their designs—two Ava chairs, the Lady B and Nuage armchairs, the Sismic and Cute Cut tables, and, fittingly, the iconic Mah Jong. She had carte blanche to reinterpret these designs, and the results are magical. Colorful and dreamy, the collection is a quirky adaptation of their French art de vivre. roche-bobois.com

The year 2021 marks the sixtieth anniversary for scent design house Diptyque. And in a new iteration of the brand, it is dipping its toes into home accents. With beautiful designs, sophisticated silhouettes, and original forms, Diptyque’s home collection captures the enchantments of everyday objects in black and white. Geometric designs and kinetic curves are expertly impressed on tableware like coasters, plates, and cups, as well as vases, lanterns, candlesticks, and trays. The unforgettable Basile pattern is prescribed in creative methods, making this collection perfect for mixing and matching in myriad ways. diptyqueparis.com


The Pinch series, a collection of knobs and pulls by plaster artist Stephen Antonson and hardware design house Nest Studio, finally presents sculpture as pure function. Hardware designed for kitchen cabinetry, appliances, furniture, larger credenzas, and closets is expertly sculpted by the skilled hands of Antonson and then cast in brass and handfinished so that each detail is captured. On his process of inspiration, Antonson says, “I tried paper. I tried aluminum foil. I tried tin. I tried plaster gauze. I made a variety of organic shapes, molding the plaster to an intuitive form. After making dozens of iterations, I chose the few that felt the most right.” Thinking of artist Henri Matisse and his scissors, Antonson began cutting into materials to find the shape. The collection gets its name from the very last gesture Antonson makes with his hands—a pinch—the one that gives the piece its
shape and dimension. neststudiocollection.com

Designer Roxana Eslamieh has long appreciated the underpinnings of Los Angeles’ design underbelly. And through her studies of textiles and weaving, she found a passion for creating truly evocative designs as a fiber artist. Thus, Manuka Textiles was born, with Eslamieh at the helm. The collection is composed of hand-drawn wallpapers that are inspired by nature and the organic ruggedness of the cityscape surrounding the designer. With a desire to develop heirloom designs, bold prints and classic forms take on a modern approach to create a statement wall or influence a full design scheme. All designs are handdrawn and silk-screen printed by hand in the United States. manukatextiles.com

“Having always loved jewelry, adding handmade beaded pieces that are inspired by my abstract art and bold use of color seemed to be a natural extension of my lifestyle brand,” says Laura Park, Charlotte-based designer and jewelry-maker. Popular with all walks of life, Park’s designs have graced walls, canvases, pillows, accessories, and jewelry pieces since 2016. Her new line of bracelets and earrings are a perfect embodiment of Park’s aesthetic— colorful, distinct, and full of life. Inspired by her textile patterns, these pieces complement a dizzying array of palettes and styles and offer a unique touch to anyone’s wardrobe. lauraparkdesigns.com

The L’Objet x Haas Brothers collection is a collaboration of Elad Yifrach, the creative genius behind L’Objet, and brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas, skilled artists from Los Angeles. Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, the collection includes pieces ranging from tableware and home decor to textiles and fragrances, all with decidedly monsterish forms. To say the collection is distinctive may be an understatement, as to own any piece would be indelibly individualistic. With a Where the Wild Things Are vibe, each piece presents a unique character that can only be born when great minds think alike. l-objet.com


Wallpaper design house Asteré brings art into homes through intricately designed wallcoverings created through collaborations with talented artists. In their latest partnership, contemporary artists François Mascarello and Garance Vallée interpret their craft through the lens of wallcovering design. Mascarello’s use of straw and oil paint transcend their original form to create undulating patterns that trick the mind and delight the eye. Relief painting is combined with different sheens to create a mesmerizing effect that can’t be duplicated in simple prints. Vallée’s combination of paint, pencils, and geometric designs creates an aesthetic that is as hypnotic as her terrestrial interpretation of mythological archetypes. Altogether, the collection brings an intoxicating study of surrealist art into focus through expansive murals. astere.fr