Interior designer Dani Fox has mastered the art of expertly blending functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that not only work for her clients but speak to who they are as individuals. “It is wonderful when a client already has vintage pieces or art that we can incorporate into a design,” she says. “It’s that much more impactful when there is meaning behind it.” While recognizing the value of listening to her clients and understanding their goals, she sees it as her job to help them visualize a concept that may be a little outside of their comfort zone. “This always elevates the design to something that feels and looks incredible.”

Fox, who also co-owns the Wake Forest custom furniture shop Duvall & Co., describes her style as Modern Eclectic. Creating designs that are fresh, livable, and made for entertaining, she often finds a way to bring the outdoors in and always weaves in a hint of joy. “I love adding one-of-a-kind furnishings or vintage pieces to a modern design,” she explains. “It adds so much warmth and interest.”

International travel has always been a key source of inspiration for Fox, with elements from her excursions often making their way into her work. “Visiting local craftsmen, observing the way outdoor elements are incorporated into the interior of a home, seeing how the food is plated and how different elements and colors are combined to create movement within a space,” the designer says. “It’s magical.

Everly Pendant / to the trade /

Gahlilahi Art Print / $250 /

Orion Handcrafted Terra Cotta Bowl / $99 /


High Point Trestle Table / $4,500 /

Amalfi Outdoor Side Chair / to the trade /

Distressed Karabagh Runner / $2,167 /