I would love nothing more than to curl up with a cup of coffee—or two—in this light-filled room. When asked to design this space, I was instructed to use three of my favorite colors: black, white, and yellow. Being all about pattern and texture, I began with a Schumacher black-andwhite deconstructed-stripe paper and layered from there. I included a bold patterned rug, abstract chairs, large art by Keith Keim, and unique side pieces, all anchored by a black-painted ceiling. It seems pretty simple, right? The key is in the pattern scale.

When working with several patterns in a room filled with straight lines, remember to pay attention to their different scales. Some patterns should be small, some large, some more organic. When all combined, it works. In this home, we used similar colors to achieve a clean, crisp feel. Mixed metals warm things up, and this room includes a killer brass side table I found locally and a small drink table in black metal with a black tile mosaic top. Large, original art is often more impactful than small pieces, so go big! Another trick is to paint the innermost interior grid black to achieve the look if you don’t have the thick black metal windows that are so popular right now. Altogether, this is an artful, strong, and calming space.

BETH CONANT-KEIM is the owner of LUCY AND COMPANY, a full-service interior design firm located at 2108 South Boulevard, Suite 213. For more information, visit LUCYANDCOMPANY.COM or call 704-342-6655.