“Decorating a room with neutral walls is like adding a scarf to a plain outfit,”explains Kevin Carpenter, a local interior designer. “You can make a bold statement  or keep it subdued.”

Carpenter leans toward bold, which is apparent in the effusive pops of color throughout his Dilworth condominium. The vibrant space has the worldly, collected feel of an international traveler.

“I owned a house in Mexico, where there is color overload everywhere you go,” he avers, “and I am forever inspired by the intricate designs of Moroccan tiles, the muddyblue painted doors throughout Paris, the pops of turquoise in rugs from Istanbul.”

Most of the rooms in Carpenter’s condo have creamy white walls—a blank canvas filled with strokes of color through the furniture and accessories. In the living room, he selected fabrics and art to highlight the vivid pigmentation of the Moroccan rug that grounds the space. In his bedroom, he hung whimsical turquoise sconces to frame the bed and complement the pillow shams.

The one exception to the neutral backdrop is his dining room, where the walls are painted Spring Pink by Benjamin Moore. “The dining room doubles as my office, so I wanted to be surrounded by a warm, soothing color,” Carpenter says.

The funky, asymmetrical light fixture was the inspiration for the room’s design scheme. The translucent globes’ soft hues are echoed in the chartreuse velvet chairs and the tropical tones of the parrot photograph. A painting of a plumed bird that was in Carpenter’s grandmother’s house hangs over the bar cart, which displays an assemblage of libations as well as relics from around the globe.

Carpenter finesses a colorful mix of heirlooms and eclectic treasures by using items that bring him joy. “I firmly believe that you will always find a place for things that make you happy,” Carpenter concludes.