We could say this Joie de Vivre collection from Pierre Frey has a certain je ne sais quoi, but the truth is, we know exactly what makes this line so beautiful. The dizzying array of colors, patterns, and textures combine in ways that make the heart skip a beat. The collection includes wallpapers, rugs, and fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create your own brand of style. With patterns ranging from colorful to muted, the products inspired by Provence in France and the  Mediterranean are a celebration of land and sea, artisans and architecture. The name of the collection recalls the works of Picasso and Matisse, evoking the gentle way of life on the French Riviera.


The new Medusa wall sconce designed by Julian Chichester is beguiling and beautiful at once. Constructed of twisted metal and drenched in red gesso paint, the unique wall sconce is made to mix and match four lampshades for a colorful and one-of-a-kind piece that is perfect for any stylish space. A spiral design creates both whimsy and sophistication, and the hallmark of Chichester is seen immediately—the ability to transform motifs into something new and fresh, creating the unexpected by adding  contemporary finishes and detail.

Artisan Martin Zelonky has a storied career in woodworking, sculpting, and design and is currently showcasing his genius with Mill Collective—a curated exhibition and talent platform for modern design. Zelonky’s latest design, Blue Bench, Yellow Bench, and Red Bench, features the simplest bench form reimagined in a sculptural way. Of the design, Zelonky says they are an exercise in removing all embellishment and concentrating strictly on form. “A bench is merely a functional platform that requires little more than the summation of its parts. My job is to make those parts interesting in a way that hasn't yet been seen.”


It’s not often that biotechnology and design come together, but if they do, some truly magical things can take place. The Aurelis chandelier designed by Christina Z Antonio is just such a magical thing. Inspired by bioluminescent jellyfish, Antonio set out to create a hypnotic light with an ethereal feel. “While investigating electron wave functions in a hydrogen atom, I created a body of glasswork that brings to life the alluring forms found in quantum mechanics illustrations,” Antonio explains. “I  remember drawing this pattern out with chalk on the floor of the glass hot shop, and finally seeing the completed piece, assembled and illuminated, was euphoric. The experience itself was meditative and transcendent."  

London-based contemporary women’s wear designer Kitty Joseph has teamed up with notable flooring design house Floor Story to create an expanded palette for the Chroma rug series. Inspired by the famed colorful pleats of the Spectrum skirt, the Chroma rug series now includes the stunning Chroma Pink colorway. Using thirty-nine individually dyed yarns to create the sunray pleat effect, the subtle shifting tones produce depth and nuance within the rug, which is hand-knotted and hand-carved out of fine bamboo viscose. “I’m passionate about the life-enhancing, mood-lifting impact that color can have," Joseph says. “And the therapeutic power of these new designs is only really made possible by Floor Story’s vast color bank.”  

Designer Marie Burgos was born and raised in Paris, and her latest design, the La Folie armchair, is an ode to the grandeur of the Moulin Rouge in the heart of Montmartre artists’ quarter. With luscious velvet fabric and flirty bottom fringe, the chair echoes the sensuality of the Moulin Rouge. “We refined the idea so it can be elegantly integrated into today’s homes, in a collection of beautiful velvet fabrics that envelop you in comfort and luxury,” Burgos says.

In the cross-section of glass, art, ’80s retro style, and pastels, the Plastic Crush collection for Lucie Kaas comes to life. Designed by professional glass processor Orçum Erdem, the collection is a series of opal glass accessories for the home. The Donut and the Tube are two forms that evoke ’80s retro vibes, creating one-of-a-kind art pieces for forward-thinking homes. The Donut consists of a fluffy dough, topped with glaze and sprinkles, whereas the Tube is a more abstract form. Both designs equally entice with their delicious color combinations. Made in an atelier in the Czech Republic, each piece is brought to life by hot glass processing for a truly unique appeal.  

French craftsmen designed the chaise in the sixteenth century as lounge furniture for aristocrats so they could rest or lounge without having to retire to the bedroom. Still popular today, this ultra-glam version from South + English has been updated in a luxe form for ultimate function. The Franchetti chaise is set on tapered legs and features a curved arm with a tight seat and tailored back. It can be upholstered in eleven different fabrics or covered in custom fabric.

Combining professional fine-art photography with mixed-media artwork to create striking patterns, award-winning photographer Robert Malmberg debuts his take on designer wallcoverings. Each pattern is digitally printed on high-quality, non-woven vellum paper. With eleven stunning patterns from which to choose, including Rorschach Butterflies—a study of Peruvian butterflies arranged on glass—Malmberg’s designs evoke a sense of realism and wonder that brings originality to any space.