That’s my number one goal. Goal number two is to have a little fun with the design. Getting a little insight into the child’s personality always drives the look. When working on Hudson’s room, we went for a beach vibe mixed with a slight urban edge.

Choosing a good bed was my first priority. This one has a metal detail that gives the room the urban vibe that Hudson desired. Two drop pendants add character, and a fun piece of art immediately creates a focal point in the space. I wanted to mix in more texture and beachy colors, and the ombre bedding in shades of blue was the perfect choice.

We worked with Detroit Wallpaper and artist Keith Keim to create a custom wave mural that we strategically placed in a corner, so it flows from one side of the room to the other. A painting technique over the top gave it an additional custom feel and the whimsy I was striving for. 

When I think of the beach, for some reason, my mind goes to the ’70s, so I was thrilled when we included a vintage-style dresser with a unique pattern on the wood. The dresser pulls together the wood tones throughout the room.

A simple old-school “smiley” pillow resting on the wooden hand chair adds the perfect finishing touch.  This revamped bedroom was a big surprise for Hudson, and, as you can imagine, it was very well received. 

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