Any new home construction project includes attention to detail when it comes to bathroom design. When building a custom home, the bathroom design process focuses heavily on extra features that provide a luxury touch. Today, I am seeing a trend toward creating a luxurious spa-like experience in the primary bathroom, and much of this is driven by new technology available to homeowners.

Bathroom hardware and fixtures provide an upscale spa effect, with matte black and polished brass fixtures beginning to overtake sleek chrome. Warm and inviting hardware can impart just as much relaxation as cool chrome.

An increasingly wide range of hardware vendors offer more readily available choices, from knobs and faucets to plumbing fixtures, which now have options that allow them to be easily hidden in the wall. No more unsightly pipes. When it comes to functional parts of the bathroom, even toilets have taken a stroll down luxury lane, with some primary baths featuring two toilets, bidets, and heated seats. In fact, today’s custom homes include an en-suite bathroom with every bedroom. No more sharing!

Higher demand for wet rooms also expands the spa-like experience. These wet rooms include both soaker or freestanding tubs and high-tech showers enclosed in one space. Multiple shower heads, steam showers, zero-entry features, and electronic control of pressure and temperature settings with an iPhone app make showers comfortable, accessible, and convenient for daily living.

Lighting is one of the most visible ways to add a luxury touch, and smart mirrors containing embedded LED lighting are newly popular. These two-way mirrors contain a built-in monitor or tablet behind the mirror’s surface so homeowners can customize what they see on the mirror’s “screen,” such as daily weather or stock reports, Google calendars, or even a favorite television show. LED lighting adjusts from cool to warm for the task at hand, and can be operated by voice control.

Other electrical functions in the bathroom are hidden or built-in to create a clutter-free, relaxed atmosphere, including electrical outlets for hair dryers and razors. While primary baths receive a focus on relaxation during the design process, powder rooms are stepping up to be the electrifying jolt of creativity in the home. Vibrant patterned wallpapers make a unique statement by homeowners and showcase a bolder side. Bathrooms are the perfect space to have fun with design and go all out on a convenient and luxurious experience.

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