Identity Infusion

The perfect home design gets personal. My girls deserve their own style.” Those are some of the first words Lauren Clement, owner of Lauren Nicole Designs, heard from her soon-to-be client when they met in a neighbor’s driveway where Clement was just leaving from a design project...

The perfect home design gets personal. My girls deserve their own style.” Those are some of the first words Lauren Clement, owner of Lauren Nicole Designs, heard from her soon-to-be client when they met in a neighbor’s driveway where Clement was just leaving from a design project. They exchanged information and a relationship was born. But Clement soon found out that it wasn’t only the daughters who needed to find their style. The clients had inherited all of the furniture from the previous owner when they bought their home, and none of it suited their personal tastes or requirements.

Clement vowed to change that, but the project quickly escalated when the client reached out to her with the exciting news they’d purchased a new home in Waxhaw—a blank slate with the potential to become their dream home, both sophisticated and functional.

 “With four children and a love of entertaining, their previous home simply did not have the space or flow to fit their lifestyle. This house needed to be a perfect mirror of the family with cozy, quiet areas to relax and open, elegant spaces to host guests—a place where they could enjoy the best of both worlds inside their home. It needed to be a functional space for all.” Clement explains.

The Longview home was a traditional style with terrific bones, and the homeowner wanted to remain true to the classic design while imparting a more contemporary edge. Clement worked closely with the family to ascertain their particular vision, grounding her design plans in tangible anchors such as fine art, architectural details and unique lighting fixtures. “My plan played off the family’s bold art pieces and the home’s architectural details against a quieter color palette. The clients’ artwork provided a way for me to figuratively crawl inside their heads and gain a deeper insight into their personalities. That, along with a few simple questions, provided the basis for a cohesive design that flows seamlessly from one room to the next.”

 Guests are greeted by the foyer’s unique refreshment bar. Tied together by two large windows accented with draperies, a full rug, and pendant lights, the space feels purposeful and warm. The great room’s expansive wall of windows and towering 26’ ceilings swathe the home in natural light. Clement continues, “The room took on an airy quality with custom wallpaper accented by ceiling-to-floor draperies that frame the handselected artwork. By working on a large scale, I tamed the space by bringing down the room a bit with a palette of very soft neutrals that perfectly showcase the bold hues of the artwork hanging above the fireplace.”

Clement says mixing metals and textures in her design is an easy way to create layers of interest. “The Longview home mixes antique gold, bronze, champagne and crystal hardware and accents for a more visually appealing aesth etic by adding depth and timeless appeal while also adding versatility in the years to come.” Clement explains.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the formal dining room, where the design is anchored around the chandelier, a piece of artwork in and of itself. “The champagne twig aesthetic accented with long strands of drop crystals is the room’s true focal point, and the other décor had to complement it. Not only does it draw the eye but it imparts a little bling to balance out the traditionally heavier feel of the home.” Clement says.

What the home provides in elegant entertainment space, it matches in cozy family-oriented areas. When a comfortable sectional sofa and two arm chairs were discussed for the family room, Clement selected a gray and ivory houndstooth fabric and a rich neutral cut velvet for the upholstery. That’s when the homeowner asked to push the envelope a bit by selecting the busier print for the larger sofa, opposite of Clement’s first inclinations. “I took an educated leap of faith and the gamble paid off. The new sofa became a statement piece and a bold contrast to the displayed sculpture.” Clement says.

Having a place where the kids could hang out with family and friends was also a top priority. In an open loft at the top of the stairs, Clement created a warm nook with built-in bookshelves and comfy armchairs where they could read, do homework, and just hang out with friends.

The sixteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom—the initial design interest—perfectly meshes the home’s organic elegance with a youthful vibe. The bed is tucked away in a private alcove, separated by handmade rope draperies from Cyprus, Greece, while a hanging swing-bed provides the perfect place to lounge and relax at any time of the day. The use of weathered woods,various textures and sizes of rope, and neutral textiles creates an organic haven perfect for a teen girl needing both a fun and productive space.

Says Clement, “The entire home design project was so large, it had to be completed in chunks over time, but the end result beautifully infused the homeowner throughout. Each room has a purpose and a personality of its own, but through the use of complementary colors, textures and metals, they seamlessly instill continuity in the aesthetic.”