Charismatic Color

Tucked away in the Austin Hill Country, homeowners Jennifer and Scott Wehner built their Casita with one purpose in mind providing guests a comfortable and relaxing getaway.

 Once the building of the structure was complete, Scott and Jennifer looked to Etch Design Group in Austin, who originally designed their main home, to bring life to the guest house with their exquisite selection of interior decor. With their primary home serving as a tranquil space of beautiful neutrals, Scott and Jennifer decided to use their guest house to take a departure from the serene and go bold.

 Designers Jessica Nelson and Stephanie Lindsey, along with homeowner Jennifer Wehner, sought a connection to the outdoors, playing up the natural surroundings of the sweeping oak trees and breathtaking views. As pieces such as the vibrant accent pillows, rugs and the bamboo and coco twig light fixture were chosen, boho organically evolved as a central theme, but Wehner wanted to strike a balance throughout the house with a clean and modern aesthetic. This led to the unlikely marrying of cool farmhouse finishings to the warm and bold vibes of bohemian chic. Blending two vastly different styles was never the original intent, but as each piece was chosen, the fusion of the two naturally evolved.

 “Jessica and I both loved the style elements that the ‘boho’ aesthetic created, and its ability to bring nature indoors,” Jennifer said of the collaboration. “The light fixture in the breakfast nook created a statement piece that immediately leaned towards a more boho style, so Jessica leaned into it and outfitted this area with colorful and textural accent pillows. The design team played off the colors from that piece to incorporate textural boho-style accent pillows and modern abstract artwork. I wanted the kitchen to be more clean and modern, so we went more minimal there. It’s easy to fall in love with this room, as it just feels like such a warm and welcoming space when you’re in it.”

 Given that the space would primarily be used for guests, it was just as important to utilize functionality as it was to create a beautiful design. The designers paid special attention to ensure pieces were comfortable and easy to clean, all while remaining stunning.

 Having previously collaborated with the client, Nelson and Lindsey flawlessly worked through the design process, starting with Wehner providing a list of wants and needs, and then creating different concepts to identify her preferences. Although Wehner knew she wanted it to be colorful, she did not start out with any specific color schemes. As ideas were introduced, the designers zeroed in on items Wehner really liked. For instance, the rug (ultimately chosen for the living room) with the bright pinks, navy blue and corresponding

colors was an early hit, leading to pink emerging as a standout. This was not only one of Wehner’s favorites but a special way to incorporate her four daughters. From there, each piece was carefully chosen and knitted into the overall design.  

 “This was definitely a one-of-a-kind project for us, as the client really let us push the boundaries of style and color, and allowed us to use our own creative freedom in providing them with a space that their guests could love and enjoy,” said Jessica. “We had a lot of fun, between the mixture of colors, patterns, fabrics and accent pieces such as artwork and accessories. It all pairs together so nicely, and the client gets so many comments on how much people love the space.”

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