During this time of year when the weather is cold and rainy, one of my favorite things is an evening soak in a steaming hot bath with lavender bath salts, a glass of wine, and Instagram. (Yes, I’ve been known to drop a phone in the tub a time or two!) After spending winter afternoons on cold job sites building our clients’ gorgeous baths, I can’t help but look forward to warming up in my own.

 You’ve probably read how much I love designing and building kitchens, but I have to admit I have a passion for designing pretty baths, too. I love seeing the look on a client’s face when they see their spa bathroom brought to life.

The master bath is an intensely personal space. Not only does it have to be highly efficient for busy mornings of two people getting ready at the same time, it’s also the homeowners’ getaway, their haven when they need a second to press pause on hectic days and relax in some bubbles. From the classic claw-foot tub to a sleek modern soaking tub, I like to use the bathtub as a focal point in the room. Whether tucked away into an unused nook or centered between the vanities, the tub isn’t just a feature of the room. It is a purposefully placed asset used to enhance the design of the space. A timeless tub is a mark of elegance in a master bathroom as is an oversized shower.

Not all our clients are as into taking baths as I am. An oversized shower is just as important or more to many of our clients. Many of New Old’s recent builds have featured highly detailed tiling on the walls and floors of the master shower. From hexagons to herringbone, traditional running-bond, and even the use of specialty custom patterns our tile installers carefully hand place, master showers are spaces where you can get creative with detail. We’ve also been including quite a few built-in benches and extra shower sprays for those who like to sit for a bit in a steamy shower.

Adding character to a new house is what makes it feel like a home. And adding the details that make your heart sing in a utilitarian space makes for a happy morning (and evening, too, in my case). A well-planned bath is key. And when it’s also pretty, you have your very own personal spa that keeps families loving their homes for years to come. 

Using her trademark blend of tradition and innovation, New Old co-founder Mary Ludemann has been designing and building dream homes for more than a decade. To find out how she can bring your ideal home from a dream to a reality, visit www.newold.com, call 704-975-3723, or email building@newold.com.