Ashley Shaw’s designs are a delicate tandem walk between styles, resulting in an effortless tension between opposites. “I love the balance of mixing modern with traditional, masculine back to the feminine,” she explains of her interior design philosophy, which draws inspiration from her Southern roots as a native Texan. “I am always taking note of the colors I find myself surrounded by, particularly those found in nature. I grew up in Dallas and spent a lot of time in the wildlands of West Texas on my family’s ranch.”

The coupling of pattern and color is apparent in all of Shaw’s work. “My interiors tend to be colorful without forcing it, as well as timeless,” she explains. “I like for my interiors to be fresh and modern, yet able to stand the test of time; nothing too trendy, but still interesting and not stale,” she says. “Most of my clients are busy young families, so while items need to be able to stand up to wear and tear, they must also attain the level of sophistication and glamour we strive for.”

Debora Koo Dessert First, Oil on Canvas /

The Urban Electric Co. Chiltern Double /Starting at $5,167 /

Tabarka Studio Rosewater 7 / $86 per square foot /

House of Harris Maison #2 Candle / $48 /

Hermès Grand Apparat Bangle / $550 /

Irby Pace Tumbleweed, 2015, Archival Inkjet Print /

Queen Anne Collectors Cabinet / $27,500 /