Getting out of the city and on the river for a couple of days of fly-fishing is where you can find me when I have some downtime, although I can’t say that happens too often right now. One of my last fly-fishing trips was last summer, when my wife, Karen, and I spent a day on the South Holston River in east Tennessee with my buddy and expert fly-fisherman, Jeff Wilkins. The SoHo is a technical river, but Karen landed her first fish within three minutes of being in the water. Right away, the trip was 100 percent worth the drive.

We aren’t all so lucky to be able to get out of town on a whim or when we need it. That is one reason why I love my job. At restaurants, we aim to provide the experience of a getaway daily. I’ve said it often, but food is restoration, and our restaurants exist solely to provide that.

From March through November (and on a handful of winter days, too), it’s tough to beat the joint patios of Noble Smoke & Bossy Beulah’s, with the smell of smoked hickory wood wafting over us and live music filling the air. The plates of barbecue and Charlotte’s best chicken sandwich (yes, I’m biased) don’t hurt. Whether it’s a brief weekday lunch break or a leisurely weekend afternoon, this space is a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This spring, we’re excited to bring even more ambiance and activity to those patios with the opening of the Beer Shack, which sits at the corner of the Noble Smoke patio and just up the hill from Bossy Beulah’s. We’re lining up the musical acts for the weekends, selecting local beer and seltzer for the taps, and crafting a special menu. We are more than ready to welcome a new season and provide a space for your next getaway—without the drive.

Chef JIM NOBLE is the executive chef and owner of NOBLE FOOD & PURSUITS. For more information, visit NOBLEFOODANDPURSUITS.COM.